Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Much Do Ron Paul Supporters Care About Electing Ron Paul?

Do they care as much as Obama supporters?

The chances are that most of us are not going to win the lottery. Most of us don't win more than a free fries in the McDonald's contest, if that much. But some one in New Hampshire could be receiving $100,000 or more in the months to come and at the same time know that they have moved New Hampshire back towards the kind of government that has traditionally mattered in the Live Free or Die state.

The award of $100,000 is being offered for the arrest and conviction of those who hacked the vote in last week's primary. Supporters of Barack Obama are convinced that their candidate was robbed. So are the supporters of GOP candidate Ron Paul.

The reward is being offered by Velvet Revolution, a group that has been working on the issue of clean elections for some time now.

The announcement on their site reads, ” The primary election in New Hampshire on Tuesday has left a lot of people with questions about whether something was wrong with the Diebold vote machines used in 80% of the state. As The Brad Blog has been reporting the past few days, the exit polls, the pre election polls and the difference between the hand counted ballots and the machine counted ballots tend to raise questions about the results of the Obama/Clinton race and the Romney/other GOP candidate races.

In short, on the Democrat side, the polls all showed Obama winning handily against Clinton, and the hand counted ballots across the state showed Obama winning. It was only in key Diebold counted counties that the results were skewed toward Clinton.

Now we don’t know if this discrepancy is attributable to real dynamics on the ground or to something wrong with the Diebold counting machines. However, we believe that the stunning election upset should be scrutinized fully. Therefore, we are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons who caused a manipulation of the Diebold machines used in the New Hampshire primary election sufficient to flip the Obama/Clinton race, or information that results in an official change of the first place winner of that Democrat race.”

The article goes on to challenge Ron Paul supporters to help raise a similar amount as an award for a whistleblower about the Republican races. To this end a site has been started with a Chip-in for donations at Getting the Truth.blogspot.com.. Only time will tell how much will the final award could be.

The article gives the phone line where the whistle blower can make contact and put him or herself in line for both thanks and the reward. So when you are paying your electric bill or in line at the grocery store remember that paying those bills could get a lot easier if you have the evidence.

Tips can be confidentially given at 1-888-VOTETIP.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking Back America - the Ron Paul Revolution

Slowly, Americans are coming to realize how they have been manipulated using the institutions and tools for which they, themselves, paid. The corporations have generally been careful to hide their real agenda. Last night in South Carolina the mask slipped as they worked to marginalize Ron Paul. Paul won anyway, garnering 32 percent in the subsequent poll.

Fox News offered a 'debate.' What they delivered was a carefully manicured attempt to eliminate from serious consideration the only candidate in this race who is not authorized by their employers, those same corporations.

Paul won despite Fox, despite the corporations, and despite his own campaign committee, who remain the biggest blockage to his successful candidacy.

Paul accomplished that through his focus on the foundational issues. Those are adherence to the Constitution and what it means to be a real Republican.

At the same time the call for a recount moved Linda Hunnicutt, the Granny Warrior, to put up a Chip-In that brought in enough money to pay for a plane ticket that put extremely minor presidential candidate Albert Howard of Ann Arbor, Michigan on a plane for a date with the Secretary of State's Office in New Hampshire, where the money was plunked down and papers signed.

Then, today, Dennis Kucinich endorsed Ron for President saying, “he may be exactly what the US administration needs.”

Now, the base of a left – right coalition is in place. Attempts to subvert that can now be expected to mount.

A Recount is happening. A principled man, Dennis Kucinich, has endorsed Ron.

A meeting place in the middle, a discussion on the tools we will use to create the future all of us want, exists to be populated by individuals who can see past the manipulations to the future we must all share.

These events change the front in the war for freedom. The next will take more coordination.

The Recount may well not show anything, if the fraud was carried out efficiently.


We need to do a verification of the vote count that hammers home the truth that the election may very well have been stolen. They think we can't do that – and perhaps they have already changed or substituted new ballots so that an official recount would also be bogus. What we know for sure is that 81% of the votes in New Hampshire were counted by Diebold machines, programmed by one particular company. We also know that the machines were the exact same model as the machine shown in the Emmy-nominated HBO film Hacking Democracy that demonstrates how easy it is to change election results without leaving a trace.

The means exist despite their cheating. We can look for a whistle blower who will come forward and speak out; Velvet Revolution has offered a $1000,000 reward. We can add to that. I mentioned a $1,000,000.00. How much do we care about getting to the truth? Let's find out. We can verify the vote in the towns where the results most surprised us. The people of New Hampshire still remember what it means to govern themselves.

And we can ask Kucinich and Obama supporters to help; working together builds coalition. Together we will prove the fraud and take the vote back for all Americans.

The next steps in the Revolution include South Carolina, getting the vote out, ensuring that election is not stolen despite the Official HQ in Arlington. Employee Rasmussen, the man who accompanies Ron said after the debate last night when confronted by two activists on the issue of election fraud, “Elections have been stolen since the beginning.” It did not matter to him.

The focus of the OHQ has been, since the beginning, more on their paychecks and augmenting their resumes for their next jobs.

In parallel, we need to make sure that the message of the Revolution becomes visible as Super Tuesday approaches.

California is key; it will be sending 173 delegates of the total of 2,515 to the GOP Convention in September. California is an edge indicator for all trends. Therefore the Revolution needs to take hold in the Golden State so that the future can be bright for all of us.

That means we need to get Ron there on the ground in the days before the Primary; not one event but a full campaign swing, plans linking with what was already in motion.

This is an opportunity to simultaneously highlight the issues that most concern Americans.

Immigration, the economy, the war, and our individual rights as they were affirmed in the Declaration of Independence.

There are a lot of details to handle.

On January 30th the Reagan Library will host another Debate. According to Melissa Giller, the media contact there, the criteria for being invited, which appeared in a news release from Nancy Reagan posted on Politico.com, participation will be determined by the three organizations in charge. Those are, CNN, the Los Angeles Times and Politico.

The release goes on to say, “The three media organizations said candidates will be invited if they place in one of the top four spots in an early-voting state and receive at least 5 percent in either a California survey conducted by the organizers (we all know who controls those) or any one of 10 nationally identified media-sponsored polls in January.”

A full reading of the release shows why there has been so much focus in keeping Ron out of the top four places. Only the four top candidates will be included. This is the push to exclude the only real Republican.

We need to get Ron in the top three in one of the primaries now about to take place.

In addition to ensuring Ron is invited we need to see that an honest event also takes place. It should be sponsored by an organization with impeccable Republican roots. That sponsor can be the organization that has been the sole voice for real Republican values in the last half century. The event can take place in the Los Angeles area, at a major University.

The Revolution continues because Freedom matters to all of us.